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At Hopeful Tribe, we are creating a more hopeful world. We help people thrive by helping them build and sustain loving and kind relationships with themselves and others. 


Nicole W.

Sue was a huge help to my fiance and I while we were having trouble figuring out how to discuss high-tension items in our relationship. With her recommendations and suggestions, we were able to figure out how to have those conversations in a meaningful way without causing the other person to shut down or causing hurt feelings. Thank you, Sue! Your help got us to where we needed to be so much faster than I thought we would have gotten there.

Desi M.

Sue has been so welcoming and comforting, talking to her is so effortless and stress free! She responds promptly to messages and has a wonderful personality!

Trinidad E.

Sue was our family therapist. We can’t speak of her highly enough. She is patient, compassionate, creative, honest, and professional. She supported my son when he was going through a difficult time in life and, in turn, helped me as well. We would not be as whole as we are now without her services. I can’t recommend her enough!

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